Bill Belichick feels like they received good value by acquiring LeGarrette Blount

bill belichickNew England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick feels like they got some good value by trading Jeff Demps to the Buccaneers for Legarrette Blount, according to Mike Reiss of

“We felt like we got good value for Blount. He’s a guy that we basically gave up [Jeff] Demps for, and Demps, I’d say, is less of a proven player and there were some other issues with Jeff. With LeGarrette, he’s been a productive player. He didn’t play as much last year with the emergence of [Doug] Martin down there, so I can certainly understand that Tampa was in. We felt like he was a talented guy that we wanted to have on our team,” said Belichick.

Belichick made a good point. Demps is certainly unproven.  We already know Blount can play in the NFL. He just needs to focus and strive to get better.


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