Bernard Hopkins tells RGIII to “run” away from McNabb’s advice

Former Washington Redskins’ quarterback Donovan McNabb has recently been giving unsolicited advice to current Redskins’ quarterback. If you were to ask boxer Bernard Hopkins however, he would tell you to stay away from McNabb’s advice.

Via the Washington Post, Hopkins gives his reasons

What I would advise him: run from McNabb,” Hopkins told Eskin. “Run. Run. Run. And press charges if he tries to [connect]. Listen, seriously, this is an assault on this man. Listen. Run, and if he continue to stalk you, call the first police station, whatever town you’re in, and file a report. File a report.

He wasn’t done there.

A fool can give you advice, not to be a fool,” Hopkins also said. “So everybody has an advice to give, because someway, positive or negative, they have an advice  for what to be or what not to be….Even a homeless man, even a dopehead, this person or that person, they can give you advice. But is it the right advice, is the key. And if McNabb is giving him the right advice — help him not become you by giving him that advice…

If you didn’t know that Hopkins has a grudge against McNabb, now you know and your day got that much better knowing.


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