Bengals DC Mike Zimmer rips his own defense

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer was brutally honest with the media when it came to how poorly his defense played on Monday night against the Ravens.

“We got a little rattled and didn’t get our composure for a while. They did a good job. Give them credit. They called a good game, QB was good, we didn’t make plays when we had chances and I didn’t do a good enough job,” said Zimmer, per the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We didn’t do anything Monday night, we didn’t rush passer, we didn’t play the run good and we didn’t cover, so, we got to do all three of those. We didn’t play well in the red zone. We gave up a third-and-15, a third-and-9 in the red zone. We dropped balls, interceptions. So, if we do those it doesn’t matter who we are playing.”

Zimmer did say that he does have faith in his defense.

“Hey, I have faith, which is belief without proof, in these players, I watch them every single day in practice. I am watching what they do,” he said. “I believe, it hasn’t wavered, we haven’t proved it yet, so we have to go out and prove it. That is part of the game, you are going to get your nose rubbed in a little bit. Now we have to see what we have made out of us. We are going to see if we are going to fight or if we are going to lay down.”

The Bengals have a good young defense that should be able to bounce back and put together a strong performance this Sunday against the Browns.

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