Ben Roethlisberger questions the Steelers’ play calling

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a lot of questions to answer regarding the Steelers’ play calling after yesterday’s loss to the Cowboys.  It seems like Roethlisberger wasn’t too thrilled with how offensive coordinator Todd Haley called the game.

Asked why tight end Heath Miller didn’t have a single pass thrown his way in the second half, Roethlisberger answered, “I just don’t think we called the right plays to get him the ball.”

And when asked why the Steelers didn’t run more no-huddle offense in the second half, Roethlisberger acknowledged he wished they had done more.

“That’s tough for me to answer right now,” he said. “The second half we didn’t do much of it, and that’s disappointing.”

I’m still trying to figure out why the Steelers let Bruce Arians leave for Indianapolis.  He’s done a great job with the Colts and did well in Pittsburgh as well.


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