Bears safety Major Wright says Mathew Stafford “folds under pressure”

Chicago Bears safety Major Wright told the media that Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford has a hard time dealing with pressure.

“You put a little pressure on him, you close the pocket on him, and he hesitates,” Wright said Wednesday. “He doesn’t make that perfect throw.”

Wright said Stafford “kind of folds” under pressure, and the numbers support his argument. The Lions are 1-7 this season when Stafford suffers multiple sacks and 3-4 otherwise.

Wright’s conference call with Detroit reporters was simultaneous with Stafford’s weekly interview, so he didn’t have a chance to respond.

“You’ve got Matthew Stafford, he’s definitely having an OK season,” Wright said. “He can make any throw on that field, so you have to be aware of putting pressure on him because you put a little pressure on him he kind of folds.”

One of the most difficult things for a quarterback to do is handle pressure in the pocket.  Stafford’s been hit a lot in his NFL career and has suffered numerous injuries, so I can’t blame him for folding under pressure.