Bears S Major Wright being sued over african diamonds

According to TMZ,  Chicago Bears safety Major Wright is being sued for not repaying a $75,o00 loan that he received from two loan sharks named Jimmy Michel and Marc Geffrard, which allowed him to purchase diamonds that range from 21-31.5 carats.

In case you didn’t know,  Wright actually runs a diamond trading company called TDW Diamonds when he’s not playing football.

The lawsuit claims that Wright agreed to pay 100 interest back on the loan (that would be $150,000) and the payment was due in March 2012.

Whats really bad for the loan sharks is that it doesn’t like they’ll get their money from Wright because of Florida law,  according to TMZ.

The loan sharks are gonna get screwed because under Florida law, if anyone charges more than 18 percent on a loan, they forfeit their right to collect any interest at all. So, by (allegedly) signing a dumb contract, the two footballers may have outsmarted the sharks in the end.

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