Bears GM Phil Emery wont rule out placing the franchise tag on Jay Cutler

Bears general manager Phil Emery told CBS Chicago that he wouldn’t rule out possibly slapping quarterback Jay Cutler with the franchise tag this coming offseason.

“I would say ‘disregard completely’ is an oversimplification of what the franchise tag is in relation to contracts and caps and player contracts overall,” Emery said. “What I had said before was that just make sure when you look at the franchise tag (you know) what that means from a quarterback’s contract perspective and the amount of room and space that it eats up. It’s not necessarily a solution. It’s not the first thing we would think about. The first think we’d think about if we wanted to sign a player is a long-term contract. That fits better in our cap situation.”

I think Cutler’s future in Chicago will really hinge on how he finishes this season.  There’s no doubt that he’s excelled under head coach Marc Trestman.

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