Bart Scott says Jets won’t have “a sense of antitlement” in 2012

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New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott told Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger that the Jets aren’t coming into this season with a “sense of entitlement.”

“Not a sense of entitlement. Understanding how hard it is in this game, and how blessed we were to be where we were (in back-to-back AFC Championship Games),” Scott said. “And how hungry we are to get back there, and be able to prove the doubters wrong. They have an opinion of us, and sometimes perception is reality. But it doesn’t make the perception the truth.”

Scott believes the Jets’ defense needs to play like they did a couple of years ago.

“It’s all about playing faster and playing and going and not just reacting all the time,” he said. “Go in there, and we put the pressure on people. Like we did our first year. We came out, we blitzed, we didn’t care. You pick it up or you didn’t pick it up.

“Somebody swings, so what? We’re going to hit your quarterback. The second year, it’s like, we’ll come off. If a guy swings, you come off your blitz and stuff like that. Then what happens is it becomes a three-man rush, a defense that was supposed to be an aggressive defense turns into a passive one, and gives the quarterback more time.”

Scott needs to make sure he gets back to playing the way he did in Baltimore, or this could be his last year with the Jets.

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