Barry Cofield believes he’ll play in the Redskins’ season opener

barry cofield

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that it’s a “long shot” that Barry Cofield will play in any of the final two preseason games after breaking his hand last week.

Shanahan does believe Cofield will be able to play in the Skins opener against the Eagles.

“We usually give it somewhere about 48 hours to see how he feels after putting it in the cast, and then we’ll make sure he hits the treadmill hard and starts his cardio work,” Shanahan said, via “But I think he’ll be fine.”

Cofield is confident he’ll be ready for week one.

“You play through pain,” Cofield said. “You play through injury. Teammates have a high expectation for me. They count on me to perform and to lead, so that’s my goal, and I feel confident.”