Baccari Rambo’s last name used to be Fudge

Washington Redskins draft pick Baccari Rambo has a pretty awesome last name. According to USAToday and Rambo himself, when he was younger his last name used to be Fudge.

Bacarri’s mother’s maiden name is Fudge, and so Rambo was born Bacarri Fudge. His parents  legally changed Barcarri’s last name to his father’s, Rambo, in grade school.

The story gets funnier when he further elaborates on the story.

When I was an infant, my mom used to always give me cough drops, because I always used to cry. So I’d get cough drops, and I’d suck on them and my eyes, they’d say I’d look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, because my eyes would get big,” Rambo said. “So I’d look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, then it went from Mr. Magoo, to Magoo, then everyone started calling me ‘Goo.

For some reason ‘Goo’ Fudge doesn’t have the same intimidation factor as Baccari Rambo does.


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