Babineaux: Marshawn Lynch wants a “small token of appreciation,” open to retiring

Former Seahawk and current NFL Network analyst Jordan Babineaux says that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch is looking for a small token of appreciation for helping them win the Super Bowl last season.

The Seattle Times also caught up with Babineaux.

Reached tonight by the Times, Babineaux confirmed that money is at the heart of the issue, specifically that Lynch would like to get some more this season, given the realities of NFL contracts and that there’s a chance Lynch wouldn’t be with the team in 2015.

“This year is more (important) than the last year of the deal,” Babineaux said. “It’s this year.”

Babinneaux says Lynch is open to retiring.

“I don’t want to rule out the fact that there could still be a possibility, because of Marshawn’s personality, that retirement could just be something that he’s okay settling for,” Babineaux said.

Babineaux said Lynch is working out as if he’ll be playing in 2014.

“I do know that he’s preparing to play ball in the fall and going out and having another successful season, as he did last year,” Babineaux said.