Auction house claims Jim Brown’s championship ring wasn’t stolen

Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown claims his 1964 NFL Championship ring that’s being auctioned off is stolen.

The auction house has come out and stated that it wasn’t stolen from Brown.

“We never sell anything that has been stolen or not authenticated,’’ said Josh Evans, chairman of “It’s unfortunate that (Brown) has gone in this direction, but it came from a family member who turned around and sold it.’’

When the ring was being displayed at a show in 1998 prior to its initial sale, Evans said Brown saw it and indicated it had been his. He said Brown said nothing then about the possibility the ring might be stolen and he apparently had registered no complaint over the past 16 years until Monday.

“We advertised selling the ring at a show in the Midwest,’’ Evans said. “I think it was in Cleveland. And Jim was going to be at the show signing autographs. He called and we talked and he said he would be there. He was very polite.

“At the show, he came over to the booth and asked to see the ring. I showed it to him. He looked at it and he studied it and he knew it was his. And that was it. He never said anything.’’