Arrest warrant issued for Darren Sharper in New Orleans, faces life in prison

According to Channel 6 News in New Orleans,  two arrest warrants have been issued for former NFL safety Darren Sharper in connection with two alleged rape cases.

An arrest warrant was issued for 38-year-old Sharper on two charges of aggravated rape.

An arrest warrant was issued for Sharper’s acquaintance, 26-year-old Erik Nunez, on charges of aggravated rapes of two women in New Orleans last September.  Sharper and Nunez each face two counts of aggravated rape.

Sharper could face life in prison due to New Orleans law.

Louisiana law states that a person convicted of committing aggravated rape shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Sharper has already pled not guilty in a Los Angeles court for allegedly raping two woman and drugging four others.

Sharper is being investigated for a total of eight sexual crimes that stretche across multiple states.