Arian Foster being sued for allegedly trying to force a woman to abort his child

arian fosterAccording to TMZ,  Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is being sued for trying to allegedly pressure a woman into aborting their unborn child.

TMZ Sports has obtained legal docs, filed in Texas, in which a woman named Brittany claims the Houston Texans running back knocked her up several months ago. FYI — Foster is married to another woman.

The woman also claims that Foster’s family members have been harassing her and his brother has applied some pressure in an attempt to abort the baby.

The baby is due to be born in June and she claims she’s 99.9 percent sure the child is Foster’s after  having a DNA test done.

The woman is going after Arian for child support and a restraining order to force him to stop applying abortion pressure. She also wants damages for emotional distress.


  1. hitman88 says

    when you play with fire you will get burn, how stupid can you be all he had to do was put his raincoat on. he made his bed now he have to lay in it.

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