Arian Foster says don’t expect a 100 percent effort at the Pro Bowl

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has indicated that players will have to give a 100 percent effort at this year’s Pro Bowl game, or else it will be eliminated.

Texans running back Arian Foster says people shouldn’t expect a full effort.

”This isn’t basketball – you can’t go play a pickup game of football,” Foster said.

Foster said if the NFL expects 100 percent effort from its stars and league officials are willing to cancel the game if they don’t see that, then the game will likely be scrapped.

”I think it’s an honor and a tradition, but for you to expect the best athletes in the NFL to come out and play a game 100 percent when you can’t game plan, you can’t blitz, you can’t do all these things, it’s not going to be competitive like everybody wants it to be,” Foster said.

I agree with Foster, football is a sport in which you have to minimize exhibition games because of the chance a player will suffer a serious injury.  It might time to shutdown the Pro Bowl.



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