Archie Manning on the Giants losing season: “Eli’s dying right now”

eli manning

Archie Manning told 660 WFAN in New York that Eli is having a hard time with the Giants losing season.

“Eli’s dying right now,” Archie Manning said. “As is Tom Coughlin, as is Justin Tuck and everyone else.

“You expect to kind of be in the hunt this time of year. They have the type of year they are, he doesn’t show it.”

Archie understands the ups and downs of the NFL.

“You have some great years, sometimes you have a year not as good,” Archie said. “I told [Eli]: ‘You and Tuck and Coach Coughlin, ya’ll held your locker room together, and that’s not the case everywhere around this league when that happens.’ I played on some teams that didn’t hold together like [the Giants].

“Overall, you’re losing games, you’re having a losing year, it’s a credit starting with Coach Coughlin and their leaders. … Boomer, you know this, a lot of places the rats will jump ship.”

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