Antrel Rolle remains confident the Giants can make a run

During his weekly interview with 660 WFAN in New York,  Giants safety Antrel Rolle made it clear that he still believes his team can make a run at the playoffs even though they’re only 1-6 after Monday night’s win over the Vikings.

“Absolutely not,” Rolle said, when asked if all the pressure was off the team now. “I think the pressure is on more now than ever. In my eyes, we have to win out. We have to win out. We dug a pretty good hole for ourselves and we have to fight like hell to get out.”

Rolle seemed to understand that the Giants were still 1-6, saying that “one win is without a doubt one win.” But he hopes – and still believes – in this Giants team, he said. The 30-year-old recalled his first two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, two 5-11 seasons, and stressed that he never spoke his mind as he has this season, because he knew at the time that “we just weren’t that good of a team.”

These Giants are different, he said, and that’s why Rolle has brashly promised a turnaround, even insisting a few weeks ago that the Giants could rattle off 12 straight wins.

“I go with what I feel is right. And I have all the trust in the world in  this team,” Rolle said. “I’ve been on a losing team before in Arizona, and I never acted this way. When I was in Arizona, I knew we just weren’t that good of a team, so I didn’t expect too much of us.

“But I expect a whole lot from this team because I believe in this team.”

The Giants played good defense on Monday night but they benefited from a quarterback in Josh Freeman who missed numerous open receivers that most other starting NFL quarterbacks would have hit.

The Giants offense also continued to struggle as the Vikings defensive line manhandled the Giants offensive line from the point of attack.  Peyton Hillis looked pretty good, but their running game was almost non-exisetent.

The Giants can win on any given Sunday, but they still have a lot of issues to clean up.




  1. Bob reynolds says

    A pass rush would be nice. They have the talent but it hasn’t produced. As far as sacks go…. they could problably get as many in one game as they have all year if they played good. All great player but haven’t played to their potential.

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