Antonio Gates shed some pounds, goal is the Super Bowl

antonio gates

The Hall-of-Fame game is going on right now and one player who will one day undoubtedly be inducted is San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates. The former undrafted free agent has struggled through serious foot injuries which has caused him to gain some weight ( well that and you know, food). This year, Gates has lost those extra pounds.

Gates says the same thing said by every declining veteran. His motivation is his doubters.

It’s the motivation, man,” he said when asked what the deal was with his chiseled physique. “… Just hearing people talk. I know you’re not supposed to listen to what people say, but there’s some collective things that got me motivated

Gates says he only has one goal in mind at this point of his career.

The number one thing for me is that I want to win a Super Bowl by the end of my career

Gates’ 82 touchdowns puts him in 2nd amongst all tight ends in NFL history. He and quarterback Philip Rivers have more touchdowns than any other quarterback-tight end combo. It’s no coincidence that the Chargers have missed the playoffs in the years that the two have struggled. The two will have to find the chemistry once again if Gates hopes to reach his goal of a Super Bowl with the Chargers.

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