Antonio Gates frustrated over ranking in NFL Top 100

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was ranked No. 73 by his peers. After seeing the tight ends that were ranked ahead of him, Gates calls the ranking “frustrating“.

It was frustrating to me because I felt like numbers-wise, you can always compare and say statistics mean everything,” Gates told The Times at Chargers minicamp this week. “But once you play, and you understand the game of football and game-planning, I’ve always felt who got the most respect and demanded the most attention ideally is the guy who had the biggest impact

Gates makes a good point. He typically has a defensive back covering him as he is just too quick for any linebacker to cover. Last year he made a fool out of Kansas City Chiefs’ All Pro safety Eric Berry in their teams first game versus one another. If a team has to devote their best guy to cover you, regardless of the box score, you’ve made a huge impact on the game. It would be good to see Gates use this as motivation as he tries to return to form and help get his team back into the post season for the first time in three years.


  1. Nagurski says

    Boo Hoo. If you can step it up then you will not be ranked so low. Trying to win todays game on yesterdays stats is what fantasy players do. Are you a fantasy player Gates? Or are you going to knock the linebacker down like you are supposed to do and get no glory yet win?

  2. Anonymous says

    Really! What he saying is true, he did his job last year, being a productive player is not just doing one thing well but all well and that is what he did. Defensive coordinators game plan around him…So you should BOO your self………

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