Antonio Cromartie wants to retire a Jet

antonio cromartie


Antonio Cromartie has two years remaining on his contract and the Jets will need to decide whether they’re going to give him an extension after this season, since he’s scheduled to account for $14 million against the cap next season.

Cromartie was asked if he wants to to retire a Jet.

“Oh, yeah… that’s the God’s honest truth,” Cromartie told the NY Daily News. “That’s something I’d love to happen. My family is enjoying it and I’m enjoying it here. We’re settled. This is where I want to finish my career.”

Cromartie played great last season after Darrelle Revis went down.  The Jets need to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.

With Cromartie turning 30 next April, he should at least another four good years left in him.


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