Antonio Brown blasts Ryan Clark

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown blasted his former teammate,  Redskins safety Ryan Clark over his recent comments stating that players on the Steelers’ roster use marijuana to relieve pain and reduce stress.

“When you see things like that, it shows you how guys feel when they’re not part of the team anymore,” Brown said Sunday of Clark, who since has signed with the Redskins. “It’s a form of bitterness or taking a shot at the team because you’re not there anymore.”

Brown believes the Steelers locker room needs to improve.

“That’s the type of things we need to get better at. When you see stuff like that happen repeatedly year after year — from a guy calling LaMarr Woodley out, from a guy that’s calling the team out for illegal uses of a substance — it just shows the lack of team camaraderie we had in the locker room, the lack of togetherness,” Brown said.

“When you see people taking shots who were on the same team and wearing the same jerseys, that’s a sign of not having that team camaraderie. That’s something we need to get back, something we haven’t had for the past two years.”

Brown believes Clark is trying to make himself more appealing to ESPN,  who he currently works for on a part-time basis.

“He’s getting into his career as a reporter and trying to get those things in the works,” Brown said. “I don’t think he meant any harm taking those shots to players as individuals, I just think he was trying to make pointers and make himself sound smart on ESPN.”


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