Antoine Winfield hasn’t allowed a touchdown in 3 years

The Seattle Seahawks should feel pretty good about their offseason acquisition of cornerback Antoine Winfield even though he’s 36 years-old.

According to Pro Football Focus via The Seattle Times, Winfield hasn’t allowed a touchdown in three years.

Winfield checked in as the fifth-best cornerback against the pass in the league. Here’s, in part, what PFF wrote about him: “His game is built upon allowing catches for short yardage and making stops in coverage — evidenced by four complete seasons in which he is yet to allow more than 10 yards per reception into his coverage.”


But the most interesting nugget from the site: “It shouldn’t be forgotten that Winfield gets the job done in coverage and hasn’t allowed a touchdown in the past three years.”


Winfield fared better when it came to evaluating cornerbacks against the run: He was ranked first, and it wasn’t even close. There’s a tendency in sports to saddle reputations on players and keep building on those reputations even when the performance doesn’t back it up. But in Winfield’s case, his play validates his status as one of the league’s top corners against the run.

Winfield shouldn’t have a problem helping the Seahawks already stout secondary,  He’ll be expected to play nickel, so he won’t be forced to line up against the opposing offense’s best receiver, which should help Winfield hold his own as his career winds down.


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