Andy Reid won’t rule out taking Geno Smith with the first overall pick

andy reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid isn’t ready to rule out the possibility of drafting Geno Smith with the first overall pick in next month’s draft.

“That doesn’t mean Geno is out of the water,” said Reid, surrounded by a group of Philadelphia reporters during the second day of the owners meetings. “I’m going to keep my eyes open on everybody. I think Geno is a good quarterback. We’ll just see how it all goes, get this workout thing going.”

It could very well be that Reid is simply not ready to show his hand yet. Asked how many players he is considering for the top pick, Reid said between eight and 10. That is a really high number at this stage of the process, even if  he is being thorough.

“You can’t force a pick there. You can’t say, ‘I need this position’ or you’re going to miss a good football player, and that’s what you want to get from that position right there,” said the former Eagles coach, who was celebrating his 55th birthday Tuesday. “So we’re going to work everybody out and see what’s available.”

It would make sense for the Chiefs to take a quarterback in the second round, opposed to the first, since they’ve already invested so much in Alex Smith with all they gave up for him.



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