Andy Reid tried to trade for Alex Smith twice when he was in Philly

andy reid

Chiefs head coach Andy reid admitted to the New York Times as well as Peter King of that he tried to trade for quarterback Alex Smith twice during his time with the Eagles.

Two other things about Reid: In the New York Times Sunday, he admitted he’d twice tried to trade for Alex Smith while in Philadelphia. He didn’t say when, and he told me that while it was true, he didn’t remember exactly when it was. Once was around the time the team was in the process of fact-finding on Michael Vick before the Eagles signed him. “I just always watched him and thought, ‘Man, I’d like to coach that kid,’ ” Reid said.

It seems like Reid was attempting to acquire Smith when he started to get the feeling that Donovan McNabb’s career in philly was coming to an end.  I would say the Eagles ended up getting a better quarterback in Michael Vick.  Reid just didn’t manage him very well.




  1. Keith says

    Really Reid didn’t manage him well… He never finished a season with out getting hurt in Philly and couldn’t read a zone defense to save his life. Reid saved him by making the offense simple. Put 3 Fast WR’s out there have them run Go routes and if one of them doesn’t blow through the coverage tuck it and run or check it down to McCoy.

    Reid is a QB guru and makes bad players look decent and decent players look good. Good players look great. If KC fires him I hope he comes to NY as a QB coach.

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