Andy Reid says the Chiefs will stick with a 3-4 defense

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told the media that he plans on sticking with a 3-4 base defense rather than switching to a 4-3, which he ran in Philadelphia.

“There’s been time invested in the 3-4 here,” Reid said, per the Kansas City Star. “The 3-4 gives you some flexibility. I’ve run both (defensive systems). I’ve been involved in both so I understand how they were. The 4-3 is good if you have the right coaches in place and the team is invested in it. But this team here is invested in the 3-4, so let’s continue to build it and get better at it.”

Reid says he hired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton to run the 3-4.

“(Sutton is) able to keep the keep the integrity of the defense as far as the 3-4 goes,” Reid said. “Bob knows the 3-4 and he knows it well.”

The Chiefs have a lot of talent on defense and it wouldn’t make sense for them to switch to a 4-3.  Smart move by Reid.


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