Andy Reid says Branden Albert will play left tackle, Eric Fisher will play right tackle

eric fisherAccording to, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told Sirius XM NFL Radio hat Branden Albert will player left tackle and rookie Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

“Well, yeah, that’s right,” Reid told Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio in response to whether Albert will play the left side and rookie Eric Fisher the right.  “I’m gonna play the five best guys.  You saw me do that with Shawn Andrews in Philadelphia.  Shawn Andrews was as good an offensive lineman as I’ve ever seen at the college level and then he came to the pros and he was the same thing.   He was one of the best I’ve ever coached, now, as far as being athletic and being a football player.  Well, we had two veteran tackles who were two pretty stinking good players and so we put Shawn at guard and he ended up being a Pro Bowler there.”

Reid also said there’s a chance Albert won’t be with the Chiefs.

“We allowed Albert’s people to talk and look and do that whole thing and it didn’t work out one way or the other,” Reid said.  “And so, you never know, I mean, in this business you’d love to say that he’d be here or not be here, one of the two, but I know he’s a good kid, I know he’s a hard worker and I know he’s a good left tackle.   So that gives us a whole lot of flexibility and if he was here today he would be the left tackle.   And then we go from there and we just see what happens down the road.”

It makes sense for Fisher to play on the right side since he’s a rookie, but I’m sure the Chiefs want him at left tackle down the road.  That might be why Reid doesn’t expect Albert to stick around.