Andre Johnson has been asking the Texans to draft a wide receiver

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson says that he’s been asking the Tex to draft a receiver for a while now.

“I’d like to have another (receiver),” Johnson said, per the Houston Chronicle. “I’m all for it. I’ve asked for it for awhile. The more weapons we have, the better it’ll be for the team.”

Johnson believes adding another receiver would help the Texans out down the road.

“If we’re able to add another guy, it would probably be the best group of receivers we’ve had since I’ve been here,” Johnson said. “Adding another guy (to go with) Posey, Lestar (Jean) and Keshawn – that’s a lot of talent. Not only would it be good for now, but it would be good for our future.”

Johnson is ready to help out any receivers the Texans might draft.

“If we draft a receiver, I’m going to help him as much as I can,” Johnson said. “I’ll answer any questions he has because I want him to perform well.”


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