Alfred Morris says his ribs are fine

Redskins running back Alfred Morris told reporters on Monday that his ribs are“fine” after suffering a rib contusion during Sunday’s win over the Raiders.

“I mean, a little tender still but nothing serious so I’m all good,” Morris continued, via the Washington Post.

Morris claims the X-rays didn’t show any broken ribs.

“It was a little tender before at the start of the game,” Morris said. “But it wasn’t nothing that I felt like would take me out of the game so I was like, you know, whatever. I feel like when I fell on that play, it kind of was, like I said, icing on the cake. I had to come out. I said, ‘Yeah, this isn’t something I’m gonna walk off.’ ”

It only took one hit to aggravate the injury.

“What happened was, after that last run when I hit the ground, somebody landed on me and kind of like arched my body in a weird way,” he said. “It bruised my ribs in doing it. So it’s kind of weird but it happened.”

Morris knows that this week’s bye will help a lot.

“It definitely helps out [to] give me a little extra time to recover and get ready for the next opponent,” Morris said. “So even though our bye week is early — nobody likes the early bye week. At the same time, for me, it’s perfect timing.”

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