Alfred Morris’ brother gets a tryout with the Redskins

shawn morrisThe Washington Redskins gave Alfred Morris’ younger brother, Shawn Morris a try out this weekend.  Morris played college football at division III Birmingham-Southern.

“Same personality, for sure,” said Redskins head coach Mike Shanhan on Sunday, via  “I’m not sure they both run the same. But what a quality young man.”

Over 40 guys tried out for the Redskins this past weekend.

“What we do is have our scouts look at these players and if they think somebody has an attribute where it gives them a chance to make our football team, then we bring them in,” Shanahan said.  “We brought in, like I mentioned, I believe it was 47 guys and either a scout or a coach saw something that they thought they should be in our camp and have a chance to make our football team.”

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