Alex Smith: Contract talks with the Chiefs will be tabled at some point

alex smithAlex Smith told the media on Wednesday that they may have to table contract talks with the Chiefs in order to keep it from becoming a distraction during the season.

“You’re getting to the point where either way, you want it to stop being a distraction,” Smith said, via the Kansas City Star. “You guys know how I feel about this, and it’s the truth.”

“You’re finally gonna cross a line where it’s like, it’s just football from here on out and I’m done not only talking about it with you guys, but even behind the scenes as well,” Smith said. “We talk about eliminating distractions and that’s a part of it. The focus needs to be on ball.”

Smith isn’t sure when that cut off date will be.

“No, no hard line,” Smith said. “At some point mentally it will come for me where it’s like ‘OK, it’s over’ and let’s just focus on the season.”