Alex Smith admits he got “carried away” with his Cam Newton comments

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On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith admitted that he got “carried away” when he ripped Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for putting up big numbers last season even though his team only went 6-10, where as his numbers weren’t the most impressive, but the 49ers got to the NFC title game.

“I was going after more of the passing-yards statistic and I don’t really believe there’s a great correlation to winning in the NFL,” Smith said. ” I don’t. I don’t buy it. If you’re looking for a statistic that has a better correlation to winning, it’s probably yards-per-attempt.”

“For me it’s about winning games,” said Smith. “I said the same thing last year when we played the Saints in the playoff. Yeah that offense is pretty prolific and threw for 5,000 yards. For me, I’m trying to score more points than the other team. I don’t really care how we do it.”

I agree with Smith, putting up big numbers doesn’t equate to winning, but I believe at the end of the day Newton will have a much more successful career.

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