Alex Mack: No bad blood with the Browns

Alex Mack told that he’s happy that he’ll be signing a long-term deal with the Browns and there isn’t bad blood between them.

“It’s been a long, hard road, but I’m here and I’m happy,” Mack said. “I’m excited. I’m fired up. There’s no bad blood. Now that it’s done, I’m happy.”

The Browns almost lost Mack to the Jaguars, but they ended up deciding to match their offer sheet to him, which will now pay him $42 million over five years, with $26 million guaranteed.

The good thing for Mack is that he can void to deal after the first two years and become a free agent.




  1. Ronald says

    Mack is playing this right. He’s not providing any controversy. Good for him. I’m surprised the press stays with this subject. He’s a class act; it’s just that easy.

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