Aldon Smith wasn’t fined for kneeing RG3 in the groin

robert griffin III


Without much of a surprise,  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith wasn’t fined for kneeing Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in the groin during this past Monday’s game.

As you can tell from the photo and the GIF below,  it really doesn’t look like it was intentional.


  • captaindandan2013

    The LAST time I saw a defensive tackle use his feet to kick / knock down an opponent–resulted in the defender getting removed from the game !!

    This isn’t mixed martial arts:
    The defenders have to use their hands, arms or body to block & tackle.
    Defenders aren’t allowed to KICK their opponent..
    The defense isn’t allowed to TRIP the opponent either.
    I don’t know how the defensive tackle got away with that S H $ T ???