Aldon Smith pleads not guilty to felony weapons charges

According to NBC Bay Area,  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has pleaded no guilty to three felony counts of possessing an illegal assault weapon.

“Aldon’s very interested in answering to these charges, and you have to understand that this is a process, and today’s court appearance was the first step in that process,” said Smith’s lawyer Josh Bentley.

The good news for Smith is that the judge approved a waiver that could end up delaying everything in order to fit around his busy schedule.

Smith’s next court date is scheduled for January 15th.  Which will deal with both the weapons charges as well as the DUI charges that he currently faces.

“It’s not uncommon to work around someone’s schedule, and it’s not uncommon to have a delay like this at the beginning of a case because, remember, no discovery’s been provided,” said Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Brian Buckelew.