Aldon Smith: “I’m a good person”

49ers linebacker Aldon Smith did an exclusive interview with and claimed that he’s a good person despite all of the off the field issues he’s had during his NFL career.

“I’m a good person, and the people who know me know I’m a good person,” Smith said during a visit Friday to the Comcast SportsNet Bay Area studio.

“Maybe after this is over, you can tell your friends I’m a good person. Anybody who hangs around me can tell that. A lot of these things are being painted in a picture that’s not true.”

Smith told the 49ers that he never said the word “bomb” at Los Angeles International Airport and they’ve stuck by him so far after picking up his 2015 option.

“The 49ers have supported me,” said Smith, who has 42 quarterback sacks in 43 games since being the No. 7 overall pick in the 2011 draft. “As you can see, the option got picked up. And if I was a thug or something, I don’t think they’d take those chances.”

Smith claims everything is going well with him.

“Yeah, I feel good,” he said. “I’ve handled a lot of things about me, especially things that are not true. My life is good. I have a son at home. My family is doing good. I’m living day by day and enjoying life.”



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