Albert Haynesworth claims Mike Shanahan’s contract keeps Dan Snyder from talking to players

During an appearance on Tennessee Sports Radio, former Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was asked if he thinks owner Daniel Snyder meddles too much.

“No,” said Haynesworth via the Washington Post. “You’re talking about with Shanahan? No. That’s another thing that I know of, when Shanahan signed his deal, he made it to where he has in his contract where [Snyder] can’t talk to players. He can only have short conversations, like, hey how are you, things like that. [Before Shanahan], I used to talk to Dan and tell him how I’m playing, or what I’m trying to do, or whatever. Not that he went down to the coaches or whatever and said anything; just kind of like a friend I’m having a conversation with.

“And once Shanahan got there, I could never even talk to [Snyder] again,” Haynesworth continued. “He was never in his office, or he was always busy. I always had to come back or something, which never amounted to me ever talking to him. I mean, the only time I talked to him or saw him was when my brother passed, and he was there for my family and flew us to Nashville and to South Carolina for my brother’s funeral. That was really the only time I seen Mr. Snyder.”

I’m not sure how credible Haynesworth is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.

I think Snyder was wiling to do whatever it took to sign Mike Shanahan.

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