Ahmad Bradshaw wouldn’t mind playing for the Jets

Former Giants running back told NFL AM (via NFL.com) that he wouldn’t mind playing for the New York Jets since he wouldn’t have to leave home.

“In playing with the Giants, they had mentioned that there was a chance for me to come back. I’m always up for that,” Bradshaw told “NFL AM” on Tuesday. “Whatever, whoever needs me, whoever can use me. Whoever I feel that I can get a better chance of playing and helping which team. The New York Jets are a team that I’ve kinda been thinking about, just to stay home, not make a big move from New York. It’s just right across the street from where I am now.”

The Jets could use an upgrade over Shonn Greene, but I’m not sure Bradshaw is the right guy.  I think his days as a starter are over.  He simply can’t stay healthy.  I think he has two more years left in him as a change of pace back.