Ahmad Bradshaw bitterly rips the Giants

ahmad bradshawColts running back Ahmad Bradshaw says he can sympathize with wide receiver Hakeem Nicks who ended up leaving the Giants in free agency.

“I know how it is over there. How they work,” Bradshaw said. “It gets bad as you get more years in the league with Giants. You get the younger guys coming in. They visualize, and with me, they visualize me leaving and David Wilson coming in and being that guy. Andre Brown being that guy, and they had those two guys. They were like, ‘Leave that money alone. Let him go, take care of the little guys.’ That’s how this league is becoming. As the year was going when I was with the Giants, my coach was like, ‘They’re just talking about younger, faster, healthy.’ Nowadays these younger guys aren’t as healthy. They come in and have some different stuff.”

Bradshaw went on to rip the Giants.

“I’ve been there,” Bradshaw said. “They try to make you feel like you’re a cancer to the team. Different things. It’s really they want to try to get the younger guys experience and sit you down. Not that you’ve done anything wrong. I’ve been there and I know where he comes from. He’s telling me, ‘They said I was cancer there.’ I know how it was cause I was there. I’ve been through that.”

Bradshaw may not realize this, but every NFL team is looking to replace their older players with younger ones.  The reason the Giants let Bradshaw go is because his broken feet can’t stay together.