Adrian Peterson’s son has reportedly passed away

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  Adrian Peterson’s 2 year old son has passed away after being severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

I’m sure 27 year old Joseph Patterson will now be charged with murder.

  • Anonymous

    So very sad!

  • MynamesMud

    So Adrian Peterson plans to play and get a W on Sunday during an interview in which he was beaming smiles the whole time. What a douche!

    • Anonymous

      You have no idea whats going through his mind!

      • jeremy

        No kidding. He has no obligation to unveil his inner turmoil for the sake of the viewing population. No, I am not being sarcastic. I am sure his personal life is in turmoil right now, leave him the *&ck alone to deal with his grief however he can.

  • Briyonna Porter

    Im Prayin Every Nite For Justice For Adrian Petersons Family !

    Joseph Patterson Must Get Charged For The Death Of That Innocent Beautiful 2 Year Old Baby .

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