Adrian Peterson says he wouldn’t trade Percy Harvin

A report came out this past weekend indicating that the Minnesota Vikings are looking to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says he wouldn’t trade Harvin.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know if we will or not,” Peterson said, per  “But me, individually, and giving you my opinion, I wouldn’t trade him.  I wouldn’t trade him.  But that’s just me and my opinion.  To do the the things that he’s able to do, I don’t think there will be a player able to do it better than him.  Ever.  He does so much, and there will never be a player who will do it better than him.”

There’s no doubt that Harvin is a great player and key part of the Vikings’ offense, but if can’t conduct himself in a professional way then he may need to go.


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