Aaron Rodgers voted the NFL’s best player

Getty Images

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was voted the NFL’s best player by players around the league.  Even though he had a rough playoff game against the New York Giants I can’t argue with him being number one.

While watching Rodgers go to work over the course of the entire 2011 season, he was almost flawless and picked apart opposing defenses with ease.

The top ten players from this year’s top 100 list are as follows:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Packers
  2. Drew Brees – Saints
  3. Calvin Johnson – Lions
  4. Tom Brady – Patriots
  5. Darrelle Revis – Jets
  6. DeMarcus Ware – Cowboys
  7. Larry Fitzgerald – Cardinals
  8. Adrian Peterson – Vikings
  9. Hiloti Ngata – Ravens
  10. Patrick Willis – 49ers