Aaron Rodgers tells TMZ reporter “at some point you’re going to get a real job” (Video)

TMZ was trying to catch up with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers while he was out on the town.  Unfortunately for them he didn’t have much to say.

The one thing Rodgers did say to the reporter is, “at some point you’re going to get a real job.”

While I respect and  believe TMZ does a pretty good job with reporting news, to have a guy go out and ask Aaron Rodgers what he thinks about Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat is simply dumb.  I wouldn’t have answered either if I were Rodgers.



  1. dan says

    Go rodgers tmz sucks they dont report news they staulk people until they get mad so when they get upset then they have a story tmz sucks. Im glad im not famous just becuase id prolly fight someone that was staulking me. Get a real job stop bugging people the only reason you care about rpdgers is because hes good at what he does.

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