Aaron Rodgers not upset over tweets from Greg Jennings’ sister

During last week’s loss to the Vikings, the sister of Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings ripped quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Twitter.

While on his ESPN Milwaukee radio show, Rodgers made it clear that the tweets don’t bother him.  He says he won’t let it come between him and Jennings.

“That kind of stuff is never going to come between myself and my teammates,” said Rodgers .

“That’s never going to become between Greg and I. We got a great relationship … not going to fault Greg or his sister for anything that was said. I mean it was family and emotions. Not a big deal.”

Jennings voiced his unhappiness about his sister’s tweets earlier in the week and I’m sure he’s spoken with her.


  • big O

    Screw this stuff lets consitrate on beating the Queens