Aaron Rodgers feels like he learned something from sitting out

aaron rodgers

After bring forced to sit out and wait for his broken collarbone to heal,  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers feels like he learned a lot.

“It’s a great learning experience,” Rodgers said via ProFootballTalk.com. “Every time you’re faced with adversity you can take something away from that. For me it was to be able to step back and look at the team from a different perspective, be on the headset. It’s tough to not be out there with the guys but I think you learn a lot through the process, you find new ways to lead, you realize how important your attitude, your enthusiasm, your energy you bring to practice can be to the guys. I know they’re excited about my return but I think the way they believe in me, the expectations they have for me, I have the same ones for them. I believe in them, I have expectations that they’re going to play well. My coming back doesn’t alleviate any of the pressure on the guys. I think the pressure we put on ourselves, we can harness at this point and see how good we can really be.”

The Packers can now hope that Rodgers doesn’t have a lot of rust to shake off as they prepare for what is essentially a playoff game.  If they beat the Bears on Sunday they win the NFC North and clinch a playoff berth.  If they lose,  their season is over.  And the same goes for Chicago.


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    Hey Paul, after bring forced? You mean being forced. You do this at least one time every article you write. Your are the most unprofessional writer ever.