Aaron Rodgers: Concussions are a “part of the game”

In light of PBS’s Frontline program “League of Denial,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers explained that concussions are a “part of our game” and the NFL is doing all they can to help minimize them.

“I know the risk that I’m taking playing this game,” Rodgers said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “I love this game, I’ve had a couple concussions. I think the equipment we’re using is pretty cutting edge, and I’m confident in the helmet I’m wearing, the pads I’m wearing, and my ability and wherewithal to get down when I need to. But concussions are part of our game, they have been for a long time. They’re talked about more because they’re diagnosed and talked about, obviously, more than they were 20 years ago.

“So, it’s part of the game, but I think the league is doing as much as they can from an equipment standpoint to make us safer.”

As alarming as PBS’s documentary was,  there’s still a lot of testing that needs to be done.

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