Aaron Rodgers believes he might have to have a “risk-reward” conversation with the doctors

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted to the media that he may have to have a “risk-reward” conversation with the doctors this week as they prepare for another must-win game if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

“I think there has to be on some level a risk-reward conversation,” Rodgers said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “You have to base that on the evidence you see on the scan, but also how I’m feeling and if I’m able to do normal football movements without pain. That obviously goes into the equation.

“Now a couple of weeks ago, that wasn’t in the equation because I felt pain. Last week, I felt more like myself, I think the guys would say I looked like myself and I knew I was closer. It’s Tuesday here, I haven’t practiced this week. I kind of did the same thing I did last week after I was ruled out Friday morning.

“I really didn’t do anything Friday. Only threw a couple Sunday morning. And so we’re sitting here with another four, five days of rest while still doing my strengthening exercises and my posture stuff. So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.”

It’s interesting that Rodgers said this when he also said that he wouldn’t let the Packers playoff situation determine whether he plays or not this week.  I sense a little contradiction.