Aaron Rodgers admits he couldn’t play last week because of pain

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted today that he knew he wasn’t ready to play last week because of the pain he was experiencing in his collarbone.

“Let me just recap last week because I don’t think it was recapped what actually happened,” Rodgers said, via the Milwaukee journal-Sentinel. “I went out there Wednesday and had pain. We talked about range of motion and flexibility and the risk evaluation. Well, the other thing that comes into play once you’re back doing football movements is the pain.

“Are you experiencing pain doing some normal football stuff whether it’s handing off or taking the snap or making quick movements or going through drill work. And the answer for me last week was yes. That was my answer on whether I was ready to play or not. You shouldn’t be having pain doing some of the simple movements.”

Rodgers says he didn’t make  a lot of progress last week.

“Thursday, I had the pads on but I didn’t really do anything,” he said. “Friday, I didn’t do anything either, so it wasn’t a progression. I didn’t get better as the week went on. I tried to do a lot of stuff on Wednesday, didn’t feel very good and from there I decreased and did the stuff that I did.

“I wasn’t getting closer to playing last week. In my mind, it was actually resting it more to not try to stress it more than I had on Wednesday and hopefully this week I would respond better when I stressed it on Wednesday.”

Rodgers stressed their are many different things that need to be considered before he can play.

“I’m going to practice tomorrow and try to do some of the things I did last week without pain, see how my body responds to it on Thursday and take it from there,” he said. “Again, there’s a lot of variables in this with the scan being one of them.

“And the scan last week did not show healing… like we wanted to. That paired with the pain I experienced in practice kept me out of the game. We would need a different results and different responses in order to go this week.”


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