Aaron Hernandez’s mother was stabbed by his step father around the time he signed with the Patriots

aaron hernandez

According to the Daily Beast,  Aaron Hernandez’s mother was stabbed back in 2010 by the man who ended up marrying her after his real father passed away when he 16 due to an infection he developed during a hernia surgery.

“I immediately noticed she had a large laceration on her right cheek, and she was holding a napkin to her left wrist,” the subsequent police report stated. “The napkin was filled with blood.”

Police found the man she had married after the death of Aaron’s father in their backyard and a bent knife in the kitchen sink. Jeffrey Cummings was subsequently convicted of slashing her, adding to a criminal record that included drugs and a prior domestic-violence incident in which he stepped on a 4-year-old and threw a 10-year-old child against a wall while physically assaulting an ex-girlfriend and another woman.

Cummings was in prison on a two-year sentence when Terri Hernandez was granted a divorce. The papers on file in Superior Court in New Britain note that the couple was married in Las Vegas on January 16, 2009, three years and 10 days after she became a widow. The marriage was around the time Terri told a reporter from USA Today that her younger son, Aaron, seemed to be finally getting over his fury at the untimely death of his father.

You never make an accuse for someone murdering another human being, but Hernandez has clearly had a rough life since his father died.



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