Aaron Hernandez’s home ended up being seized

According to Local 10 News in Miami,  Aaron Hernandez’s Massachusetts home has been seized after he was recently nailed with a wrongful death lawsuit from Odin Lloyd’s family.

Bristol Superior Court Judge Richard Moses made the ruling during a hearing on Hernandez’s finances in connection with a lawsuit filed by the family of Odin Lloyd, whom the ex-New England Patriot tight end is accused of killing, according to court documents.

Charles Rankin, Hernandez’s attorney, did not object but asked the court to reconsider the matter.

It certainly couldn’t have helped that lawyers from the Patriots were in attendance and made it clear that they don’t plan on paying Hernandez the $3.25 million that the NFL Players Association says he owes.

At the hearing, lawyers for the Patriots said the team would not pay Hernandez the $3.25 million that the NFL Players Association has said the player is owed.

An attorney for the Patriots said that it could take several months for the matter of payment to be settled.

Hernandez had an NFL contract worth nearly $40 million, but it was terminated when he was charged with the slaying and firearm offenses.

The wrongful death lawsuit, filed Monday, claims Hernandez “maliciously, willfully, wantonly, recklessly or by gross negligence” caused the death of Odin Lloyd.