Aaron Hernandez is unable to watch NFL games in prison

aaron hernandez 2

It sounds like former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will need to transfer to O.J. Simpson’s prison if he wants to watch football because he’s unable to do so, according to Black Sports Online.

Sheriff Hodgson of the Bristol County Jail tells us, “While Mr. Hernandez and many other inmates would like to watch football, it is just not part of our policy here … so that will not be happening. “

I’m sure he found out somehow that his former team is now 1-0 without him.




  1. says

    Don’t worry, Aaron. You will probably be found guilty and sentenced to 30 years. Then you[‘ll get transferred to some medium security prison which is more like a senior citizen’s old age home than a punishment.
    You get free food, free housing and probably get cable TV to watch for free for the rest of your life.
    What a system?

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